Spectravue sdr iq manual

The \ SDRIQUSBdriver folder contains the USB driver required by the SDR- IQ. Spectravue sdr iq manual. Included latest firmware for all RFSPACE radios.

SpectraVue version 3. Pdf" file is this help file which can be read using Acrobat Reader or similar programs. Pal files that are optional palette files used for the waterfall colors. The \ SDR14USBdriver folder contains the USB driver required by the SDR- 14. Discussion in ' Rig Control, Propagation, Cluster, & Other Softwar' started by VK2GM, Oct 26. SDR- IQ Setup- DEMOD Ok 190KHz RF Gain = 0 dB 6620 IF Gain = + 12 dB * The complete SpectraVue manual is included in the CD- ROM SDR- IQ 2 SDR- IQ FRONT PANEL ( 1) YELLOW CAPTURE LIGHT Blinks when the SDR- IQ is capturing RF data and converting it to digital. That is the way I.

Zip An audio wave file of the demodulated EME echo test. It generates 2D and 3D representations for various signals obtained from your sound card or. ( 800K) emeechotestaudio. The LP- Pan Power SRR and SDR_ IQ, SpectraVue. Installing USB Drivers The SDR- IQ and SDR- 14 are USB devices and require a driver to be loaded before they can be used.

The SDR- IQ™ is the smallest SDR with RF DSP™ that samples the whole HF band at once and performs the initial filtering at a 67 MHz sample rate with 23 bit accuracy. The \ Palettes folder contains several. Waterfall screen shot of an EME CW exchange at WA4NJP' s station.

Apr 15, · SpectraVue is a software application that you can use to view and analyze spectrum. SDR- IQ : Message: Re: [ SDR- IQ] Using CW Skimmer listing as well as main screen. The process is similar for each device. Echo Test file at 50KHz span ( ~ 5Meg file) emeechotest. Pulses when the SDR- IQ is in IDLE mode.

I have been doing business with the lovely people at HRO Anaheim and they had the SDR_ IQ and SpectraVue as a basic plug and play system. It is a fabulous piece of software! It has a high performance Analog Devices 14 bit analog to digital converter and sends 16 bits of I/ Q Data to the PC via USB ( no messy soundcard cables required). ( 2) RED CLIP LIGHT.

Release Notes version 3. Oct 28, · FT - SpectraVue- SDR- IQ- - Rig Control Software. Some Demo wav files captured at WA4NJP' s EME station on 432MHz. The " spectravue. The installer will create three folders under the SpectraVue main folder.

Fixed external radio UART issues and S- meter problems.